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This is a library of songs by TEDrake from Hampton Roads, Virginia
alias Ted Drake, Oso, Dancing Bear

Read about the songs and listen to the MP3's ,or watch the youtubes, and videos.
It's a crazy hobby...but I like it.
To contact TEDrake and/or Osomusic.LLC....email to ovdawg@aol.com
Page updated Dec 2016

Songs by TEDrake
~~ From Hampton Roads, VA ~~

 Cosmic Carpenter      written in 1981      copyright Feb. 2012     Real punishment.** You could say that this song is about a career change.  Wrote the song while hanging out in Knoxville, TN.  --pre-checking out the 1982 World's Fair.  
A carpenter and a spiritual adventurer--is there really a choice?
 Take a Pill -  written 2011     copyrighted Feb. 2012  ** I majored in 'medical systems" in college. There is so much to say about health care and how and why people take their pills. Just remember to.... Take A Pill.

 Travelin Song     written in 1976      copyright Feb., 2012  ** Between junior and senior year in college, 4 of us went on a fieldtrip to Florida in a blue Ford pickup truck with a camper shell.  Traveling is a healthy--and possibly a necessary spiritual exercise.
 Cabbage     written 2011      copyright Feb 2012 **  I started cooking and eating a lot of cabbage. Then I was reading about cabbage --and then I started thinking about 'words' about cabbage--and well...why not a song about cabbage.  Eat more cabbage  and have more cabbage !  

 Show Me Your Butt     (SMYB)  written 2011   copyright  Feb 2012     Someone near to me had fallen on ice and had a baseball sized yellowish-purple bruise on their butt---the kind that doctors say 'keep an eye on'.  So everyday I said---Show Me Your Butt--and well ...more 'words' and fun.    I wrote the song while dabbling in standup comedy.

 Where There's A Willie, There's A Waylon     by CACarlsen and TEDrake   written in 1981-- copyrighted in May 2012 **
Nothing like a country love song...with a twist.

 All I Got For Christmas  (is a Carribean cruise) **written Dec 2011--Jan 2012  copyrighted November 2012   **  A middle class blues song about going on a carribean cruise around Christmas-time.

 Virginia Home Sweet Home    written in spring of 2012  ** copyrighted October 2012 * 
There was a 'state song' for Virginia until 1979.  Since then, numerous songs have been written.  Here is my version of a song for Virginia.  I included song titles, southern cliches, phrases from other songs, and a lot of history. 

 Mandolin Song  written in summer of 2012.  Since the mandolin is the coolest instrument by far......I realized that there needed to be a song about the mandolin. Been collecting notes for 4 years.  Don Sternberg liked the phrase--open up your case about any old place..and I added...let the fun begin. The melody was ready... C Am F G7.. C Am F G7 C.

See the April 2014 video of the song at www.mandolinsong.com

 Everybody Loves A Hummer ** written Feb. 2012 * When the music gets interrupted..keep on humming.
Like a cool breeze in the summer...Everybody Loves a Hummer.

 I Got Mine written Oct-Dec 2011 ** In this song, there are 4 people in different situations that show how what they do exhibits the American independent spirit of trying to get ahead. . As far as I am concerned, it is natural, and American...to want to get ahead and make the most of the prevailing situation.

 The Best Part Of Us Never Dies (BPOUND) Finished in summer of 2013 . Wrote an 'unfinished' version of this song in 1994. Started writing again in spring of 2012. It's a question of approach to life--Are you a spirit living in a body--or are you a body with a spirit living in it?

OceanView Song written during 2013. Thought it was going to be a detailed song with lots of words..but it was more about capturing a sense of well being about growing up in Ocean View. Born in 1954, and in those days we had freedom to walk and ride our bikes all day for many miles. We were happy to all be unique and to belong with the world as it turned. It was simple back then.

Songs made and in the making --
It's Always on the Mind, Let's Spend the Night Together, Grandma Get off the Stove...
you know you're too old to ride the range. Your favorite song, It's Not Fair,
It's Free, Come To Your Senses, Ocean View.

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